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Walking Papers



Share of prints for top ten countries from the past month.


Share of prints by orientation in the past month. Landscape orientation was first introduced on June 20, 2009.


Number of prints vs. number of scans for the past month.

Why are there so many prints? It’s easy to create a print and less-easy to make a scan. We’re in the early days of this site, and we imagine that it may take some time for the initial excitement of printing out paper maps to translate into submitted, annotated scanned images. Bring it on!


Number of scans from the past month that have finished successfully, failed for some reason, or are still in progress.

Why do scans fail? Based on the errors we’ve seen, scans seem to fail for one of three reasons:

  1. Many users have been uploading the same print PDF’s downloaded from this site. Scans need to be bitmap images, ideally JPEG’s.
  2. Some users have submitted scans that are at a low resolution, or low-quality photographs instead of scans. Check the print pages for an address where you can mail us paper to have scanned!
  3. Some scans have come out of printers with failing ink cartridges, which makes important details such as the QR code in the lower-right corner illegible.

Zoom Levels

Number of prints from the past month at each zoom level. Zoom level 0 is the whole world, while zoom level 14 is recommended as a minimum for street-level mapping.


Number of prints by hemisphere in the past month.

Language: (l10n)